A Model of Cerebral Blood Circulation for Future Automatic Control of Brain State

Tomohiko Utsuki


model, simulation, cerebral blood circulation, brain resuscitation, automatic control


A static model of cerebral blood circulation is constructed for developing an automatic control system of physiological brain state, which will be used in brain resuscitation. In this paper, the constructed model was partially verified in the simulation using the actual data of a 70 years old patient with stenosis at left internal carotid artery. In the simulation, each arterial blood flow in cerebral blood circulation were calculated and were compared with the actual data measured by MRI and SPECT. In addition, the distribution of blood pressure in the Circle of Willis and the change of blood pressure along blood flow were also calculated for verifying against physiological knowledge. These results indicated that this model can represent the arterial part of cerebral blood circulation of this patient. And, the results also indicate the possibility that a static model such as our model represents cerebral blood circulation sufficiently. Thus, the construction of our model is enough significant.

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