A Hybrid Bioinspired Backstepping Sliding Mode Tracking Control Method for Underactuated Surface Vessels

Yu Tian, Simon X. Yang, and Shumin Sun


Backstepping control, Bioinspired approach, Tracking Control, Sliding mode control


This paper develops a hybrid control system for tracking control of underacutuated surface vessels (USV). The proposed tracking controller integrates a bioinspired shunting model with backstepping based algorithms and sliding mode control. Firstly, a bioinspired backstepping approach is used to analyze the USV kinematic model to generate virtual velocities, which effectively solves the velocity jump issue caused by the large initial errors in the conventional backstepping method. Accordingly, the bioinspired algorithm smooths the velocity signals for the sliding mode controller. In addition, a dynamic model based sliding mode controller combines with a bioinspired model to offer suitable control laws to the USV with avoiding chattering problems. Simulation and comparison studies are conducted to demonstrate the efficient tracking performance of the proposed method.

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