A Novel Approach of Image Steganography using Secret Key

Rakesh P. Gohil and Khyati Patel


Steganography, LSB, Cover image, Stegoimage


The goal of steganography is to hide the existence of a message by embedding data in other data streams such that the attacker can’t find the presence of a message and there by mitigate pin point attacks. In LSB (Least Significant Bit) based methods of image steganography, message is stored into a specific position of LSB of image. For this reason, knowing the retrieval methods, anyone can extract the hidden information. In this paper we have introduced an efficient method of image steganography which is based on the secret key and seed value. In this approach seed value is used to generate random pixel positions in image and on these pixel positions message bits are encrypted using secret key and embedded. So here steganography using key provides better security. We have used PSNR (Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio) to measure the quality of stego images.

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