Region of Interest based Method for Image Compression for Telemedicine Application

Ketki C. Pathak, Anand D. Darji, and Jignesh N. Sarvaiya


Region of Interest, Integer Wavelet Transform, Linear Predictive entropy coding, Compression Ratio


The advance concept of telemedicine technology and its potential depends on reliable demonstration of diagnostic quality of image or video. Due to high resolution factor of images and large number of database per patient for diagnosis, there is a huge demand of efficient compression techniques for telemedicine system. Thus, in Region of Interest (ROI) based coding scheme, diagnosis part of the image can be coded with high resolution with lossless compression and non-diagnosis part can be coded with lossy compression during transmission. This paper reviews the application of ROI coding in the field of telemedicine, such that the high compression ratio is achieved without loss of information in ROI. The proposed method with Integer Lifting Wavelet (ILW) based transform with combined predictive based entropy coding scheme achieves high compression ratio and better visual quality for diagnosis part. Reconstructed image is analysed by various quantitative parameters for visual perceptual quality and storage capacity.

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