Design and Investigation of a Low Cost & Portable Thermal Energy Storage System for Domestic Applications

Abhishek Agarwal, Edward Dintwa, karim Moorad, and Lentsoe Noko


thermal energy storage, solar drier, specific heat capacity


In current era, thermal energy storage is a standout amongst the most proficient approaches to store the solar oriented renewable energy for warming and drying the air by energy gathered from sun. The paper exhibits a test examination of a stuffed rock bed solar thermal storage system. A 30 mm crevice is loaded with Polyester insulation in an air sealed dark painted plywood compartment from where heat can be extricated by constrained air convection. This system is able to constantly provide the required heat input into the setup. The heat decay characteristic of the bed is additionally contemplated. The most elevated introductory temperature of the rocks was recorded to 65.5 0C. Experimental result is likewise dissected by utilizing 3 thermocouples with data logger EasySenseTM software. After preparatory thought of specialized, environmental and economic aspects consideration, the effective thermal efficiency of the system is measured to 63.16% with 8.814 MJ integrated energy simply following 5 hour charging period.

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