An Application of Heuristic and Evolutionary Algorithms for Solving Some Practical Two-dimensional Bin Packing Problems

Andile Ntanjana, Sibusiso Moyo, and Pavel Y. Tabakov


2D bin packing problem, rectangular items, heuristics, evolutionary algorithms, three-stage cutting problem


Bin packing problems are a class of optimization problems that have numerous applications in the industrial world, ranging from efficient cutting of material to packing various items in a larger container. We consider here only rectangular items cut off an infinite strip of material as well as off larger sheets of fixed dimensions. This problem has been around for many years and a great number of publications can be found on the subject. Nevertheless, it is often difficult to reconcile a theoretical paper and practical application of it. The present work aims to create simple but, at the same time, fast and efficient algorithms, which would allow one to write high-speed and capable software that can be used in a real-time application.

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