ICT as a Valorisation Tool in Promoting Patient-centric Healthcare Service in a Resource Constrained Setting

Richard Pankomera and Darelle van Greunen


Patient-centric, ICT, Valorisation, Resource Constrained Setting, Public Healthcare


Although resource constrained countries face a myriad of challenges, interventions have been made to empower patients to take the ownership of their health and wellbeing. It is enthusing to note that Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have played a pivotal role in adding value to the quality of healthcare services in an attempt to make them patient-centric. The benefits of adopting patient-centric approach in the delivery of health care services include provision of better treatment and reduced medical expenses. This is so because a patient makes informed choices about their health and wellbeing in consistent with their personal preferences, desires, values, and beliefs. In addition to this, managing their own health reduces the occurrences of preventable illness. Unfortunately, due to limited resources in developing countries; the uptake of patient-centric services has been low. This paper therefore endeavours to provide a comprehensive comparative analysis of the patient centric services between high income and resource constrained countries. It also outlines the challenges that are encountered in providing patient-centric health care services in low constrained settings. Potential solutions to circumvent the aforementioned challenges are also succinctly discussed.

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