Cascading Effects of the Okavango Floods on Human-lion Conflict along the Boteti River

Keitumetse Ngaka, Lucas Pius Rutina, and Glyn Maude


Boteti River, Human-lion Conflict, Okavango Delta, Botswana, Electric Fence, livestock predation


The re-flowing of the Boteti River following floods from the Okavango delta has implications for human-wildlife conflict because of its influence on the distribution of wildlife. This may influence carnivore predation on livestock. The aim of this study was to assess change in incidents of carnivore predation on livestock along the Boteti River. Conflict reports were divided into 3 periods (Before- before the erection of the electric fence and re-flowing of the river; After -after the erection of the fence but before the flowing of the river; and River- during the flowing of the river with the fence having openings). The data was further divided into two seasons (dry and wet). Reported cases were higher for the Before period, and River period, but significantly lower for the After-fence period. Reported cases were significantly higher during the wet season for Before and River periods. Farmers indicated that the fence reduced conflict and the flowing of the river did not reduce conflict. The result shows that electric fences could be good mitigations strategies for human-lion conflict.

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