Decision Support System for Zoosanitary Analyses at the São Paulo Biological Institute

Silvia Maria Farani Costa, Karina Ramirez Starikoff, Jose Carlos dos Santos, and Francisco Javier Ramirez Fernandez


Information Systems, Animal Health, Zoosanitary Alerts, Information and Communication Technologies


One of the major challenges for herd control in areas as large as the Brazilian territory is resistance by breeders to using technology. Failure to use technologies makes tracking and controlling the productive chain unviable. The proposal of this project is to implement a system hereby named Epidemiologic Risk Alert System to manage diagnosis information, reporting occurrences of positive tests and diseases in real time and in a hierarchical manner to the competent agencies. The primary focus is to expedite the communication process aiming to ensure that preventive measures can be taken in a timely manner. Considering the fact that the current situation at the Biological Institute is very bureaucratic and that there are no integrated IT processes, the system proposed enables instant communication with the inspecting agencies involved in the process, which can immediately intervene and make decisions regarding zoosanitary disease control. The Animal Health department of the São Paulo Biological Institute should promote data management and send this data to the sanitary defense agencies through the computer system, enabling processes of diagnosis, sample identification and, especially, communication, in order to provide traceability for diagnosis operations.

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