Replacing Redundant Stabilometry Parameters with Ratio and Maximum Deviation Parameters

Gergely Nagymate and Rita M Kiss


stabilometry, center of pressure, balance, postural stability


During the stabilometry foot center of pressure (COP) was measured on force plates or force distribution plates. From the sampled data several widely used parameters (95% confidence ellipse axes, area and angle, standard deviations of COP, path length and COP ranges) and newly defined parameters 95% confidence ellipse axis ratio, anteroposterior-mediolateral range ratio) can be calculated. Our study aims to reduce the number of the COP parameters by excluding those that contain redundant information using correlation analysis. We also replaced multiple parameters with summarizing parameters which based on the replaced parameters give a new and independent approach of the same phenomenon. To describe the extremes of the COP movement maximum deviation from mean COP in forward and backward directions were calculated highlighting the random faults of postural control. The new and old uncorrelated parameters went under a variance analysis for the repeated measures. The new maximum deviation parameters showed similar behavior with previous ellipse parameters between trial types. The ratio parameters also showed significant differences between the three trials.

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