An Embedded System Based on an IC for Neural Impedance Measurement

Caterina Carboni, Roberto Puddu, Lorenzo Bisoni, Luigi Raffo, and Massimo Barbaro


neural interface, bioimpedance measurement, biomedical device


In this paper a system aimed at measuring the impedance in a neural interface is presented. The device core is an Integrated Circuit (IC) realized in a CMOS 0.35 m technology. It includes eight different channels allowing to independently measure the impedance of multi-channel electrodes. The IC is composed of two main parts: a current generator based on a DAC and a sigma delta converter for neural recording. The device has been designed, realized and successfully tested by means of electrical tests. It occupies an area of 3.7mmx4.1mm and consumes an overall power of 16mW, the device can measure the impedance both in DC and in AC mode and can be configured in two different operating modes, covering an overall impedance range from 10kΩ to 100kΩ

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