The Role and Decomposition of Delivery Quality in a Failing Project: A Case Study

Dirk J. van Ekris


Project Management, Project Success, Customer Satisfaction, Delivery Quality


Academics and practitioners both recognize that, besides project outcome, the way a project is conducted is an important factor in generating repeat business. This aspect of project management is called Delivery Quality and it focusses on the interactions between project team and customer organization. When a project delivers the expected product on time and on budget, Delivery Quality is an essential part for turning a merely satisfied customer into a returning one. However, many projects fail to meet customers’ expectations, posing the question if Delivery Quality is still relevant and the underlying decomposition is still valid. The case study shows that Delivery Quality is still relevant to the project when product quality clearly is lacking: Delivery Quality might be a requirement for being able to rescue the project. The case also shows that the decomposition of Delivery Quality into underlying factors has issues: the factor Transparency is clearly missed, and the factors Responsiveness and Partnership are too narrowly defined. Especially the lack of the factor Transparency is considered critical, since in this case the lack of Transparency led to a quite abrupt abortion of the project.

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