Integrative Creation of Requirements Documents focused on User Experience

Junko Shirogane


Requirements specification, User experience, Use case, Scenario


Typically user interface (UI) requirements are elicited in the late development phase because users try to use the software in this phase. UIs strongly reflect user experience (UX), which indicates the experience obtained using the software and includes usability, comfort, and satisfaction. Practical software must have a high UX. However, if the UI requirements are elicited in the late development phase, all requirements may not be realized, which may result in a low UX. To prevent this, UX requirements must be elicited in the early development phase. Herein a method is proposed to integrate requirements documents, such as requirements specifications, use case diagrams, and scenarios, and UX requirements. First, UX elements, which should be elicited as requirements and their description strategies, are defined based on the survey results of various papers and books. Second, use case diagrams and scenarios are generated from the described UX requirements. Because software is implemented based on use case diagrams and scenarios, gaps between the described requirements and use case diagrams and scenarios must not exist. Finally, developers customize the generated use case diagrams and scenarios. Hence, the proposed method reduces omissions in the UX requirements, realizing software with a high UX.

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