Simulations of Structural Asymmetries and Dimensional Dependence of Scaling in the Screened Eden Model

Ken A. Hawick


3-dimensional modelling, simulation, agent-based modelling, stochastic modelling, Monte Carlo Simulation, scaling


Growth models play an important part in understanding non-equilibrium phenomena in many physical and biological systems. Growth behaviours are often complex systems phenomena and can lead to sophisticated and beautiful spatial structures. We investigate the Screened Eden model for tumour growth and explore the statistical properties of the model in different dimensions through extensive computational experiments tracking simulated Eden clusters. We apply the screening effect due to Xie {\it et al} to vary the compactness of Eden clusters and study the effect of this on the scaling exponents for the Eden models in 2, 3, 4 and 5 dimensions. We describe our simulations and illustrate the model with some graphically rendered models.

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