Steady State of a Synchronous Machine in a Bond Graph Approach

Jose Aaron Padilla and Gilberto González-A


Bond graph, Steady state, Synchronous machine, Newton-Raphson iterative method


The determination of the steady state ofr nonlinear systems can be relatively difficult, especially when a considered nonlinear system has many dynamics, there are many iterative process solving this problem numerically as the Newton-Rapshon method, this type of process can have a heavy work computationally speaking. The utilization of the bond graph technique is with the prupose to reduce the order of the system. The first step is to obtain a Bond Graph in an integral causality assignment (BGI) then a Bond Graph in a derivative causality assignment (BGD) can be gotten. Hence, the BGD will be less complex by solving with any iterative process. A methodology and a new junction structure to get the steady state of a class of nonlinear systems are proposed. This junction structure will have the storage elements in a derivative causality assignment. The proposed methodology is applied to a synchronous machine.

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