Software Transfer: A New Approach for the Collaboration of Sandroid Satellites

Zhongcheng Yuan, Fengge Wu, and Junsuo Zhao


Cubesat, Sandroid, Autonomous systems, Multi-agent system


Sandroid satellite is a kind of CubeSat uses Android as operating system and smartphone chips as computing resource. In order to accomplish complex task by using Sandroid satellite, a new collaboration method called software transfer is proposed. With software transfer, several Sandroid satellites work together as a cluster to perform tasks. One satellite can transfer the app and data of a task to another satellite when it can’t continue to perform the task. The satellite that receives the app will continue to perform the task substitutes for the former satellite. In the design of software transfer, Sandroid satellites are modeled as agents based on agent theory. The decision strategy of software transfer is multiple attribute decision-making based on contract net protocol. And a middleware is designed and developed to support software transfer.

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