Vibration Suppression Control for Pneumatic Isolation Table Considering Control Input Satisfied Common Multiple Constraint

Masakazu Koike, Feifei Zhang, and Junichirou Tahara


Pneumatic isolation table, Discrete-valued input, Common multiple constraint, Suppression control, Quantizer, Optimization


Suppression vibration problem in a pneumatic isolation table has been investigated. It is known that by using active control for pressure of air springs, suppression performance is dramatically improved. However, if on-off valves are used instead of servo valves, it is difficult to reach the origin point due to the process of pumping and removing air into the air springs. Thus, we propose a method, in which we create a control input profile, satisfying a common multiple constraint by observing the variable of intake and exhaust air. The control input profile can provide the situation where displacement of table reach the origin point. To generate the control input profile is the most important idea and contribution in the paper. Furthermore, by using the proposed method, we can obtain high vibration suppression performance without offset.

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