Toward Ex-situ Measurement of Arterial Carbon Dioxide Pressure

Aicha Rima Cheniti, Hatem Besbes, Joseph HAGGEGE, and Christophe Sintes


pressure of carbon dioxide, flow velocity, drift flux model


The blood is a non-Newtonian heterogeneous fluid which contains plasma solution and several substances including carbon dioxide gas. We are interested here in determining the pressure of this gas. In the present paper, the plasma solution is modeled by a two-phase Newtonian mixture consisting of a solution (distilled water ) and carbon dioxide gas. It is described by Drift flux model which takes into account the flow velocity and the mixture pressure and the Young–Laplace equation which relates the pressure of dispersed phase and the pressure of continuous phase. The MCBA algorithm (Mass Conservation Based Algorithms) was used to solve the governing equations of the system. The results are found to predict the pressure of carbon dioxide in the mixture according to the flow velocity.

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