An Optimal Health Service Discovery for Ubiquitous Health Service Provisioning

Moses Olaifa, Sunday O. Ojo, and Tranos Zuva


Peer-to-peer, service oriented computing, healthcare service, service discovery, ubiquitous


Locating appropriate service and communicating it to the requester at the point of need within the shortest possible time is a key issue in ubiquitous health service provisioning. Failure to provide the health service at the exact time needed can result in erroneous diagnosis and treatment. Hence, there is a need for real time service discovery of requested services for prompt healthcare service provisioning. This paper proposes a peer-to-peer health service discovery solution that discovers and maintains a set of shortest service path to existing healthcare service types within a distributed health service network. We introduce an optimal service path cache (OSPC) for maintaining the shortest service paths provided by learning automata mapped to the super-nodes. The proposed solution was compared with existing methods and showed an improved performance in service discovery.

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