Voltage Profiles Enhancement and Loss Reduction in Weak Meshed Networks

Akintunde S. Alayande, Adisa A. Jimoh, and Adedayo A. Yusuff


Reactive power, Compensation, Voltage profiles, Power-flow, Weak meshed, Transmission Losses


This paper explores the use of reactive Power compensation to enhance voltage bus profiles for power system security in weak power system networks. Power- flow analysis is one of the tools used in this paper and it is modelled as a nonlinear problem which is solved using Newton-Raphson-based algorithm. Power-flow is performed in this paper to determine voltage magnitudes and angles at every bus, active and reactive powers, transmission losses for each of the branches in the network and total transmission losses of the network. Buses that have their voltage magnitude outside the prescribed acceptable limits ( 10 +_ tolerance value) within the network are therefore identified. The magnitudes of the voltages at these buses are substantially improved when reactive power is injected. Total transmission loss on the line is also reduced to barest minimum after the compensation. MATLAB 2010a is used as a programming tool for this work. A weak meshed network of 28-bus system is used as a test system. The result of the simulation in this paper shows the effectiveness of reactive power compensation using a bank of capacitors in transmission power system networks.

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