Investigating Schiziophyton Rautanenii Biodiesel as Fuel for the Diesel Engine

Jerekias Gandure, Clever Ketlogetswe, and Abraham Temu


Biodiesel, Alternative fuel, Performance, Emissions


The search for plant kernel oils for use as potential substrates for production of biodiesel continues to draw global attention. In the current paper, the performance and emission characteristics of biodiesel derived from schiziophyton rautanenii kernel oil were investigated in a diesel engine. The parameters investigated are brake thermal efficiency, engine torque, brake power, specific fuel consumption, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxygen and soot production. The results indicate that Schiziophyton rautanenii biodiesel used in this study was comparable to petroleum diesel in terms of performance and emission characteristics, and is recommended for use in diesel engines.

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