Smart Start-Stop System for a Camless Engine Employing Rotary Valves

Ishmael Zibani, Joseph Chuma, and Rapelang Marumo


SSRE, SISS, idling, direct fuel injection


A start-stop system (SSRE) is proposed for a newly designed camless rotary valve engine. The system is an improvement on the Mazda’s Smart Idle Stop System (SISS), a start-stop technology considered to be one of the best in the industry. Both systems prevents engine idling by leveraging the principles of the direct fuel-injection engine, bringing about 10% improvement in fuel economy and fast restarting without sacrificing driving comfort. The SISS requires a starter motor to halt pistons in the optimum position when the engine is stopped. For the proposed system, there are no such requirements since the ignition system is independent of piston position. The system works best with engines having 6 pistons or more since then the system is able to identify at least one piston in the power stroke. The system has been successfully designed and programmed onto an ALTERA EPM7064SLC44-5 FPGA device.

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