Virtual Evaluation of South African Living Environments on an Augmented Reality Platform

Sindisiwe Chuma, Yskandar Hamam, and Seleman Ngwira


Housing Simulations, Augmented Reality Simulation, Virtual Reality Housing Simulations, Virtual Wheelchair Mobility Experiments


This is an exploratory study to understand wheelchair drivers’ experiences within South African low cost residential environments. Currently, there is a need to develop a tool that can be used to evaluate the building designs before they are built. To achieve this, low cost living environments were designed, modified for rendering on a software module for data collection of the path driven. The data collected was processed into information that highlights the difficult or ease of driving in non-inclusive and inclusive environments. The results of the experiments conducted are performance measures that indicate the complexity or the ease of the path recorded using pre-defined performance measures. Using the information given by the performance measures, it is easier to understand some of the challenges experienced in these living environments.

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