Animated Simulation of Pilot Soya Beans Oil Production Process Plant

Michael K. Adeyeri, Khumbulani Mpofu, Sesan P. Ayodeji, and Adeola O. Borode


3D Model, Animation, Simulation, Soya Beans, Process layout plant, Auto desk inventor


This project aims at designing a process layout for soya beans production process plant and simulated animation of the production of soya beans oil for the purpose of serving as teaching and training aids for industrial engineering students and newly employed unskilled labour. The work emphasizes the qualitative techniques involved in the determination of an optimal process layout for a soya beans oil production process plant. Detailed breakdown of the different processing requirements and sequences of operation obtained were used to produce process flow diagram. Diamond Grid chart and Rel Chart data presentation were used to evaluate the process layout through closeness and reason rating of machines. Block diagramming was used to visualize the amount of movement that occurs between machines. Machines were moved around for minimizing the distance travelled between them so as to reduce material handling and increase productivity. The process layout plan was designed from resulting block diagram with ArchiCAD. Autodesk Inventor was used to model the production process facilities and imported into Autodesk 3DS Max design where it was simulated, animated and rendered to obtain a clearly shown video describing the production of crude soya beans oil. The animation was tested and the result was satisfactory in training unskilled labours the processes entailed in the production of soya beans oil.

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