Packet-Level Simulation of Real-Time Video in Slow-Speed Environment using NS-3

Oluwafolake E. Olayiwola and Ayodeji O. Oluwatope


Computer Networks, Multimedia Networking, Slow-speed Networks, NS-3


This paper presents an Optimized Video Scheduling Model (OVSM) for real-time video transmission over transmission control protocol(TCP) at slow-speed network. The model was installed within TCP/IP protocol suite in NS-3 and was tested across a dumbbell network topology in NS-3 with multiple RT-VBR applications running while generating trace data and then analyzed for mean packet delay, jitter and packet loss ratio. From the trace data obtained, OVSM presented a bounded mean jitter between [200-300]ms as against an unbounded mean jitter which oscillates largely between [0-530]ms and OVSM packet loss ratio ranges (0-2)% as against packet loss ratio ranging from (70- 95)% in the existing scheme when user-router link speed was set in range of (30-50) Kbps.

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