The Design of the Training Simulator for the Ghazi-Barotha Hydro-Powerplant

Sašo Blažič, Drago Matko, and Igor Škrjanc


Training simulator, hydrodynamic model, electrical model


In this paper the design of the simulator for the hydro-powerplant (HPP) Ghazi-Barotha is presented. The simulator is used as a training simulation system to help in qualifying the operator personnel how to operate with the HPP in a safe environment. The modelling of the HPP is pointed out, and the configuration of the training simulator system is depicted. The paper focuses on the hydrodynamic model of the plant. The most complex subsystem is the power channel. It was initially modelled by a system of partial differential equations that can be solved by the method of characteristics in order to obtain discretised (in length and time) model of the channel and later the model is simplified.

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