Study Module Development on Environmental Engineering – Experiences from Mozambican and Finnish Higher Education Collaboration

Mikko Martikka, Roope Husgafvel, Olli Dahl, Andrade Egas, and Natasha Ribeiro


Industrial environmental engineering, sustainable development, higher education, capacity building


There are many existing and emerging sustainability challenges in the forest sector in Mozambique and capacity building for higher education can help to address them and promote both sustainable use of forest resources and sustainable industrial development in this sector. We aim at promoting sustainable engineering education and university level teacher education for sustainability. This article describes our development work for a new study module on industrial environmental engineering and associated curriculum with strong emphasis on addressing Mozambican development priorities and supporting national sustainable development efforts taking into account both public and private sector aspects. Our approach combines environmental management and engineering with sustainability management and assessment including life cycle thinking. As a result, we present the ready study module template and its content encompassing discussions on key topics and pedagogical aspects. The developed new module is an established part of MSc programme and it will be lectured in 2014 for the first time as a joint Mozambican-Finnish effort.

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