The Effect of Water Resource Strategy on the Terminal Lake of Heihe River Basin from 2000 to 2012

Juan Ren, Honglang Xiao, Lily Li, and Zhixiang Lu


Water Strategy, East Juyan Lake


Water resources are the most significant factor restricting the basins development. The East Juyan Lake is the terminal lake belongs to part of the lower reaches in Heihe river basin of arid western China.because of the water reduction, the area of oasis degraded rapidly, especially influence the terminal lake and many eco-environmental problems have emerged in the lower reaches of Heihe River baisn. For the sake of improving the eco-environment, and deterring the trend of further degradation of the terminal lake, the “water diversion” project in the Heihe River was carried out in 2000. In order to objectively evaluate the influence of water regulation on restoration in this region, in this paper, by means of field surveys and water statistics from local government, the response range of the lake and and the variation of natural vegetation around the east lake in the lower reaches were described since 2000, These results show that there are obvious effects of water regulation on the restoration terminal lake and that the eco-environment is experiencing a good change in the terminal lake of inland Heihe river basin.

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