Aquaculture and Fishers’ Livelihood Diversification in Uganda – An Empirical Analysis

Michael R. Nkuba and Narain Sinha


Aquaculture, Uganda, fishing


Under economic diversification policy, Uganda embarked on promoting fish exports. With increase in the fish prices due to access to global markets such as European Union, there has been a four-fold increase in the fish retail prices. This has led to increase in fishing pressure and number of fishers on Uganda lakes. This has resulted into over fishing and illegal fishing. Promotion of Aquaculture as alternative to open access to Lakes has been implemented. There are challenges with aquaculture that need to be addressed to make it an effective rural poverty reduction strategy. With decrease in fish catches, fishers have diversified their livelihoods. Factors that influence diversification include endowment with assets such as land and buildings, livestock, human capital development such as having attended school and fish related training.

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