Efficient Barbell Trajectory Extraction Algorithm for Kinematic Analysis using Video Spatial and Temporal Information

Ching-Ting Hsu, Wei-Hua Ho, Jui-Lien Chen, and Ying-Chen Lin


Sport Biomechanics, Weightlifting, Kinematics, Object Tracking


In this paper, we proposed a novel efficient barbell trajectory extraction algorithm and further implemented a computer aided weightlifting training system with our proposed algorithm. The proposed method extracts the barbell trajectory from the video sequence both considering spatial and temporal information which are the barbell color and motion information between each frame. The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm can gather the barbell trajectory in high accuracy and efficiency. The implemented computer aided weightlifting training system saves about 95% operation time comparing to traditional kinematic analysis software. It makes athletes, coaches and researchers evaluate the sport performance more easily.

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