Lying Posture Detection for Unconstrained Measurement of Respiration and Heartbeat on a Bed

Toshiharu Mukai, Kazuya Matsuo, Yo Kato, Atsuki Shimizu, and Shijie Guo


Respiration, Heartbeat, Lying Posture, Tactile Sensor, Sleep Monitoring System, AdaBoost


Daily monitoring of respiration and heartbeat while sleeping provides basic data for the assessment of personal health and early detection of diseases. The monitoring should not interfere with natural sleep, and it is desirable that the sensor be imperceptible to the person being measured. We propose a method for non-invasive and unconstrained measurement of the lying posture, respiration and heartbeat of a person on a rubber-based tactile sensor sheet. The tactile sensor is soft, flexible, and thin, and is not uncomfortable for the person lying on it. To extract faint heartbeat signals from pressure changes detected by the sensor, precision measurement based on improvement of the S/N ratio by averaging oversampled data is needed. This process takes some time and can be performed at only a limited number of locations on the sensor. To determine the locations, we detect the lying location and posture of the measured person on the sensor by using pattern recognition based on machine learning. In this paper, we describe the measurement method and report the experimental results.

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