SC-FDE Transmission with Strong Doppler Effects

Fábio Silva, Rui Dinis, Paulo Carvalho, and Teresa Araújo


Channel modeling, Channel estimation, Iterative detection, Doppler effects


Conventional frequency-domain receivers require an invariant channel within the block duration and the performance is severely affected in presence of strong Doppler effects. In this paper we propose an iterative receiver for SC-FDE (Single-Carrier with Frequency Domain Equalization) schemes able to attenuate the impact of strong Doppler effects. It is shown that these frequency-domain receivers can compensate the Doppler effects associated to different multipath components while performing the equalization procedure. Our performance results show that the proposed receivers have good performance, even when the Doppler drifts are not identical for different multipath components (in fact, we can even cope with drifts that are substantially). Therefore, our receivers are suitable for SC-FDE broadband transmission in the presence of fast-varying channels.

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