A Computational Performance Investigation of Java Concurrency using Multi-Threading on Multi-Cored Processors

Ken A. Hawick


Java, Concurrency, Threading, Multi-core


Java continues to be an attractive language and development platform for portable simulations. Changes to Java thread management facilities make it possible to utilise Java environments for making use of the multiple cores now widely available on many CPUs. We investigate the performance of multi-threaded Java simulations that make use of 2, 4, 6 and 8-core Intel CPUs and 16 core AMD CPUs running shared resources including memory and buses with one and two processors per board. We report on the effect of the Intel hyper-threading capability. We describe Java multi-threaded approaches to managing software and custom codes for computationally intensive complex systems simulations and discuss the performance implications for future developments and use of Java 7 for simulations software development.

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