Learning Ontology from Relational Database: An Automatic Ontology Construction Approach

Maruf Pasha, Abdul Sattar, and Haider Abbas


Ontology, Relational Database, Learning Ontology, Automatic Ontology Construction, Comparison of Ontologies


Ontology is one of the ways to represent domain specific knowledge and recommended standard such as OWL helps to share the domain specific knowledge. However, at present most of the ontologies are build manually by domain experts and it needs lots of laborious tedious work, ineffective and error-prone. In this paper we present a practical approach of automatic OWL ontology construction from relational database. The proposed approach will generate classes, subclasses, object properties, datatype properties, and cardinality restrictions from relational database schema automatically. First, we build domain concepts; learn concept relations, properties, and restrictions. Then, compare ontology created from normalized (3NF) and un-normalized (1NF) Relational Databases.

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