Differentially Flat Trajectory Control of a 6-DOF Industrial Robot Manipulator

Elisha D. Markus, John T. Agee, and Adisa A. Jimoh


Differential flatness, 6-DOF Robot, Tracking control


The design of a differential flatness based tracking controller for a 6 dof industrial manipulator is presented in this paper. A comprehensive dynamic model for the ABB IRB140 robot derived from the Newton-Euler equations is used as a case study. Using the flatness property of the robot, a feedforward control is designed which easily drives the robot trajectories in open loop. The flatness based feedback controller takes advantage of linear control tools while leveraging on knowledge of the nonlinear components of the robot. The use of polynomials for parametising the robot dynamics greatly eases the computational burden of the design and makes it suitable for real time implementation. Simulation run times reduced to about 15 seconds using this approach as compared to about 40 minutes in the original study. The proposed controller proves to be robust to perturbations more than the classical PD control used to stabilize these classes of robots. Furthermore trajectory tracking tasks of the robot are reduced to finding a set of timed boundary conditions.

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