Study on Microbial Depolymerization Processes of Exogenous Type by Modeling and Simulation

Masaji Watanabe and Fusako Kawai


Biodegradation, Xenobiotic polymers, Modeling and Simulation, Polyethylene Glycol


Microbial depolymerization processes of exogenous type are studied by modeling and simulation. A mathematical model is transformed to remove a temporal factor of a degradation rate, and an inverse problem is solved numerically to determine the molecular factor using weight distributions with respect to the molecular weight before and after cultivation of a microbial consortium on plyethylene glycol. An initial value problem is solved numerically to simulate the transition of the weight distribution with a temporal factor that represents the microbial population. A novel technique is used to find suitable values of parameters that appear in the time factor of the degradation rate, and the numerical results are introduced.

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