Proposal of Method for Personal Identification with Flick Input

Shuhei Kobata, Yuki Terabayashi, and Ryuya Uda


Mobile security, Authentication, Personal identification


Identification based on password on smart phones is still popular, although smart phones manage information with privacy, money transaction, etc. Using touch panel is one of the solutions which enhance security of identification on smart phone since a touch panel as a screen is mounted on almost all smart phones. There are some researches of methods for identification with touch panels. However, there is a problem that passwords can be found by tracing fingerprints remaining on the screen or that a large screen is required. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a new method that users are identified on smart phones with characteristics on flick input. We also implement the method on real smart phones and evaluate whether characteristics of individuals are obvious or not. The method is efficient for enhancing security of identification on smart phones without any additional devices.

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