Dynamic Model and Identification of a Spur Gear System

Steffen Buechner, Stephan Zschaeck, Arvid Amthor, Christoph Ament, and Mike Eichhorn


Dynamic Modeling, Identification, Spur Gear System


In the presented work a nonlinear, analytic model of a two-staged spur gear system is proposed. Besides the theoretical modeling an automated parameter identification algorithm for this model is deduced. As a result the proposed model includes input and output side behavior as well as the interaction between. This interaction has a strongly nonlinear behavior, which is separated in several components. The first part is the backlash function, which determines if the gear sides are in interaction or not. Furthermore the stiffness of gear system is modeled depending on load and an additional damping term completes the model. All these parameters are separately identified through specific experiments referring to their physical equivalents. Furthermore, a testing bench is developed in order to capture the different effects in the considered gear system.

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