Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration based on the Kalman Filter Method

Etienne Aubin Mbe Mbock


Dynamic, Kalman, Filter, Reconfiguration, Speed, Optimization


Dynamic partial reconfiguration (DPR) is an emerging technique in computer technology. The technique enables hardware devices like FPGAs to multitask. The resulting computer technology approach can be extended to physical dynamic systems, computations, and algorithms. This research article will consider this approach and define and develop this concept in an algorithmic perspective in order to optimize the process in terms of its operation, computation reuse, flexibility, and rapid software and hardware implementation. The analysis conducted in the study is based on the Kalman Filter algorithm. From this analysis we solve the reconfiguration speed problem in the specific case of the Kalman Filter method. This article generalises the speed problem, creates a theorem, analyses the theorem, and carries out its proof. In addition to this theorem, the study also proposes the reconfiguration speeds of some algorithms.

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