Multi-Variable IMC-PID Control for Coal-Fired Boiler-Turbine Units

Le Wei and Fang Fang


Multi-variable, internal model control, PID, boiler-turbine unit, coal-fired


The control system of a boiler-turbine unit plays an important role in improving efficiency and reducing emissions of the power generation unit. The coupling and uncertainty of the unit caused by varying working conditions should be fully considered during the control system design. By using a multi-variable decoupling method, a multi-variable PID controller based on the Internal Model Control (IMC) method for the boiler-turbine coordinated control system is designed to overcome the strong coupling relationship that exists between the boiler and the turbine. The proposed controller has simple structure and few design parameters, and its parameters' tuning steps are clear. To test its performance, a 500MW linear boiler-turbine unit model of Shen-tou 2nd power plant in Shan-xi province is used. Simulation results of set-point tracking test, disturbance rejection test and model mismatch test show that the proposed system has good performances.

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