Performance Analysis of a Power System using a Robust Control Technique

Alfonso López-Martínez, Manuel A. Andrade, Daniel Alaniz-Lumbreras, Marco T. Mata-Jiménez, Jesús de León-Morales, María Araiza-Esquivel, and Efrén González-Ramirez


Flexible AC transmission systems, voltage regulation, power system, nonlinear control, system stability, power quality


An output feedback controller strategy is presented in a nonlinear structure to enhance the transient stability and voltage regulation of a SMIB-SVC (Single Machine Infinite Bus-Static VAR Compensator) system. The generator excitation and the SVC regulator controllers are designed considering the uncertainties in the subsystems and in the interconnections between them as perturbations, requiring only local measurements. A high-order sliding-mode (HOSM) control scheme is designed obtaining robustness in presence of uncertainties and parameter variations. Numerical results show the performance under different scenarios.

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