Video Compensation for Highlights and Shadows

I-Cheng Chang and Yu-Kai Kao


Speed-Up Robust Features, high dynamic range video, barrel distortion correction, cylindrical projection


HDR method is a common used approach to enhance a LDR image for a static scene. It creates a HDR image from a number of LDR images for a static scene. But for a LDR video, the problem is somewhat different. Because the video is captured from a moving camera, it is difficult to obtain the images with different exposures for the same scene. This work proposes a 2-pass HDR method for the compensation of highlights and shadows in a video. First, barrel distortion correction and cylindrical projection are used to correct the perspective distortion, so the frames on different time can be aligned together. Then, the proposed 2-pass HDR method compensates the improper exposed frames in video. Because the proper exposure frame may come from preceding or succeeding frames, the process scan bi-directionally to compensate the highlights and shadows. Experimental results show that our method can effectively compensate the highlights and shadows for the input videos and yield the satisfied compensated results.

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