Application of a Linear Time-Varying Control Technique to Trajectory Stabilization for Nonlinear Multi-Input Systems

Yasuhiko Mutoh


stabilization of trajectory, nonlinear system, linear time-varying system


In this paper, we consider the stabilization controller for some desired trajectory of nonlinear systems. For such a problem, it should be one of the best strategies to apply the linear time-varying controller for linear approximate model around the trajectory. However, because a controller design procedure for linear time-varying system is not necessarily simple, some other methods like various types of nonlinear controllers or a gain scheduling control based on the linear time-invariant controller are commonly used. The author proposed the simple design procedure of pole placement controller for linear time-varying multi-input systems. The feedback gain can be obtained directly from the plant parameters without transforming the system into any standard form. This paper show the applicability of such a controller to linear time-varying approximate model around some desired trajectory of nonlinear systems.

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