Virtual Prototyping with Feral - Adaptation and Application of a Simulator Framework

Tobias Braun, Dennis Christmann, Reinhard Gotzhein, Anuschka Igel, Thomas Forster, and Thomas Kuhn


Virtual prototyping, Network simulation, Simulation tools and languages


Nowadays, complexity and extent of embedded functionality grows rapidly, leading to distributed solutions. Distributed embedded systems can, for instance, be found in time- and safety-critical domains, such as avionics and automotive. Suitable approaches to develop these systems are virtual prototyping and model-based development. Virtual prototyping enables early testing and evaluation of systems in realistic simulated environments; model-based development is applied to design, implement, and deploy the embedded functionality itself. In this paper, we briefly survey our modular simulator framework Feral, which provides a generic solution to virtual prototyping by rapid coupling of diverse simulators, including simulators for model-based specifications.

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