Comparative Tuning of the Conventional Fuzzy Logic Controller for the Buck Power Converter

Zeeshan Ali, Shiraz Latif, Kashif Ishaque, Saba Javed, and Muhammad G.U. Khan


Fuzzy logic controllers, comparative tuning, buck power converters, converters tuning


In this paper analysis, design and optimization of the conventional fuzzy logic controller to maintain the load voltage of the buck power converter has been proposed. The CFLC proposed in this paper has two inputs error and the change of error, the rule base used is 2-dimensional linear rule base for the controller. The CFLC response can be optimized by tuning of its input and output scaling gains for this, the concept of analogy between fuzzy controller and its linear counterpart is used. In order to explain the optimization and the effectiveness of the proposed controller a MATLAB simulation is done, the simulation results shows that conventional fuzzy logic controller (CFLC) can be optimized easily when the parameters involved in its linear counterpart are present.

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