Simulation Approach for the Optimization of the Layout in a Manufacturing Firm

Fabio De Felice and Antonella Petrillo


Layout, Simulation, Mixed integer programming


The problem of the layout, in the most extensive meaning of the term, lies both in the choice of the location plan of the production sections and the auxiliary services inside the ground where the plant is built, as well as the location of the machinery and the work centres in each department, and, lastly, in the distribution of materials and labour. The present work takes into consideration a manufacturing firm of industrial vehicles, producing a wide range of products: trailers, semi-trailers, two-wheeled chariots, isotherms, tipping lorries, special equipment and means for the transport of vehicles. The study focused essentially on 3 products, as they constitute the most part of the production. The individuation of the parameters to be checked was the most exacting phase, preceding the modelling. Afterwards, a type of simulation was set up, using a specific simulation software, so that it could reflect the real situation as much as possible. Then, four possible alternative shapes of layout were proposed. Of the four outlines, according to the output given by the simulation programme, we then determined the best solution to implement for the plant.

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