Modeling and Control Simulation of a Novel Personal Mobility Electric Vehicle

Ting-Jen Yeh, Kuan-Ying Lu, and Jian-Hao Hong


Dynamic modeling, Mobile robots, Electric vehicle, Lagrange formulation, Linearized model


In this paper, modeling and control simulation of a novel personal mobility electric vehicle, named Smartwheel, are presented. The vehicle is structurally similar to a pedaless unicycle but uses a hub motor as the driving wheel and contains a steering motor which automatically actuates a steering mechanism for steering and maintaining lateral stability. In order to design the lateral control system for the steering motor, Lagrange formulation is firstly used to derive the dynamic equation. The dynamic equation is then linearized around an equilibrium point to acquire a linear model for revealing the crucial dynamic characteristics and facilitating the control design. A state-feedback controller is designed using the linear model. Simulations show that the controller can successfully steer the vehicle and achieve lateral stability under different vehicle speeds.

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