Precise Velocity Control of a Bipedal Robot using CPG Circuits in Creating Different Behavior

Kengo Saito and Tadashi Komatsu


Bipedal robot, CPG, control, walking velocity


This paper investigates the possibility of a Central Pattern Generator (CPG) method in the domain of bipedal robotic locomotion. We extend our previous work on creating several motion phases in running and walking movements to changing the robot’s walking speed easily and precisely within a wide speed range. The proposed method used our hybrid CPG (H-CPG) model basically. This model consisted of a rhythm generator with CPG, a force controller for a leg and an attitude controller. Then this model was added a modulation mechanism for acting forces from a tip of a support leg to the floor and the walking stride length, using a velocity feedback loop. Numerical simulation results show the effectiveness of the proposed method for realizing precise control of the locomotion speed in both backward and forward walking.

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