Dynamics Stress Analysis for a Minimal Invasive Scalpel Design

Yu-Tin Chao, Ya-Lin Yu, Jia-Yush Yen, Che-Jung Hsu, Michael Kam, Ming-Chih Ho, Yung-Yaw Chen, Jiunn Fang, and Feng-Li Lian


Minimal invasive surgery, Scalpel, Four-bar linkage


In this article we bring up a new-type bendable mechanical arm based on four-bar linkage which is composed by several micro-mechanical parts and can be applied on minimally invasive surgery. The advantage of this new design is that the actuator and the mechanical arm can be designed separately, so that our mechanical arm will not interfere with the operation of actuator. Compare with the traditional bendable surgical designed instruments which are made by single structure, the designed instrument of this research which is based on four-bar linkage own better stiffness. Herein this study not only carry out the design of linkage model for minimally invasive surgery, but also analyze the kinematics of designed model. By building up the kinematic relationship between input and output, this study got the dynamic stress of the designed structure and prove that the designed structure have high stiffness , so this research propose a novel design of a high-stiffness bendable scalpel.

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