Applying Grey Relational Analysis in KANSEI Engineering for Cluster Analysis in Local Cultural Museum

Jeih-Jang Liou, Chih-Sheng Chang, Hsiu-Chieh Chan, and Wei-Hsiang Huang


Cultural and creative industries, grey relational analysis, kansei engineering, pavilion’s influence factors, questionnaire survey


The paper focuses on analyzing the cultural and creative industries in Lanyang area due to after long years of accumulation, many local cultural characteristics have been developed in different areas. The culture not only becomes the local industries, but there is more inner tradition. Hence, when relevant local authorities promote traditional cultural industries and cultural and creative industries, they include strong color and tradition of the local culture. Through past experiences, if we have to learn again, understand or think of the responding strategies while opening a pavilion, it not only wastes a lot of time, but we might drop the ball as well. Therefore, the paper uses the quantitative grey relational analysis in kansei engineering to do the classification of culture pavilion’s influence factors through designer’s angle and professional’s perception. It can promote the development of cultural and creative industries. The analysis method is to use the questionnaire survey which targets the more distinctive cultural industries in Yilan area. Meanwhile, consumer’s perception is also considered, and it is analyzed through five factors of sensory experience, emotional experience, thinking experience, action experience and associated experience. Through practical calculation, the rank of the five experiences can be reached and we can understand the existing state and feeling of the pavilions. It not only promotes the cultural pavilion classification and auxiliary local cultural industries, but also enhances the range of applications in kansei engineering.

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